1977- Israel: Rick began his IKM training while living in Israel on Kibbutz Ein Harrod Me'uchad. While practicing his kung-fu which he grew up learning, several "Kibbutzniks" introduced him to IKM by showing him what he was doing was not effective for real life attacks. He learned these new friends were in top commando units of the IDF, and they brutally taught him what IKM was all about. They also introduced Rick to Grandmaster Imi Lichtenfeld.


1979 - Cleveland: Grandmaster Imi and many of his top black belt students did a tour around the USA demonstrating the system. Rick met them and was personally invited by Grandmaster Imi to come back to Israel to attend the first International Instructors course, with the purpose of bringing IKM back to the USA.

1981 - Netanya, Israel: Rick attended and completed the first International Instructors course. Under the direction of Grandmaster Imi, the students learned from many of the top practioners of IKM. After completion of the course, Rick returned to Cleveland and began teaching IKM, as well as testing it in real life situations as he was working in corporate security.


2014 - Miami Beach, FL: For three decades, Rick has taught thousands of civilians, law enforcement and military personnel. Rick has been featured on many news and TV shows, newspaper and magazine articles, and has now brought Krav Maga to the big screen as a fight scene choreographer. Rick has also trained the World Champion Italian Water Polo team preparing for the 2012 London Olympics, of which they won the Silver Medal.